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Please would you consider joining the District Safeguarding Group for the new North West England District?


Expression of Interest Form for Involvement in the new District

Explanation – Five Districts in the North West are merging to form a new District from September 2024.  This form is a request for volunteers to become involved in the new District by volunteering for the various groups or networks identified on the attached document, either as a member or leader of those groups.  We hope that, if you are already involved in similar groups or roles in your present District, you might wish to continue to be involved in them, but this is also an opportunity to offer yourself for new or different areas and activities in which you might be interested to become involved. 

We are very keen that there should be an openness and inclusion for all who wish to be involved (recognising also that many will also have other callings and commitments in your local churches and circuits).  We will also need to ensure that we recruit safely for the various roles, so we will ensure that appropriate safeguarding requirements are completed.  At this stage, even if you only wish to explore the possibility of being involved, please could you complete this form and return it by 16th February 2024.  Thank you.





Church and Circuit



Contact Details

Email and/or phone number


Please name the area(s) of interest and activity that you might wish to be involved in



Previous experience/present role in these areas (NB don’t be put off if you don’t have relevant experience at present)



Personal Statement (at most up to about 50 words) explaining why you are interested in these area(s)




The new District is committed to the principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion(EDI). In order to facilitate that commitment, when you return this form, please will you also complete the EDI questionnaire (which will be separated from this form and kept anonymous).

Please return if possible by email to or by post to Transforming Churches and Communities, Unit 16, Wesley Centre, Royce Road, Hulme, Manchester, M15 5BP by 16.2.24.  If you would like further information about any of these volunteer opportunities, similarly, please contact the email address or Transforming Churches and Communities (TCC).

The completed forms will be reviewed by the Hubs and Governance Subgroup reporting to the Regional Review Group, who have responsibility for the implementation process.  This will enable those who have expressed particular interests or made offers to be connected together in the coming months to populate the structure and functions of the new District from September 2024.  Thank you for responding to this request. The information gathered will only be used for the purposes stated above, and once this process is completed the form will be destroyed.

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