Rev Ruth Jackson

Updated: Oct 22

Superintendent Minister

Dear friends,

One off our Circuit churches, Greenhill Methodist Church, recently held a Heritage Day. They had on display various historic documents recounting the churches history, including records off its founding as a Primitive Methodist Society in 1866.

As I looked around at the different documents, I came across a memorial tablet which had engraved on it ‘This tablet is erected by the members and friends of the Chapel in loving memory of Sarah Ann Earnshaw who died Sept 5th 1888 Aged 35 years. “Her Labour was Love”.

I wondered who she was and what she had done to merit a mention on a stone tablet. When I examined another booklet off the Chapels history I came across her name once more, she was listed as a Sunday School Teacher, who was much loved.”

I don’t know anything else about Sarah, other than she was married, but from the quote on the tablet, “Her Labour was Love”, we get the picture of a Christian woman of faith, who lived out her short life, loving others. What a wonderful tribute to give to someone.

In each of the churches across our Circuit there are many generations of people who have lived their faith and shared the love of God with others. Our heritage is part of who we are today and we thank God for those who have gone before us, serving God and loving each other.

Yet, times move on and the world that Sarah knew has changed beyond all recognition. We live in a different time, but we have the same calling to share the love of Jesus, to love others and our labour is love; bringing the love of Jesus to those communities that we serve, maintaining the invisible link between generations of Christians gone before us and yet to come.

As we continue to worship and serve God, may we look beyond the many challenges that we face and trust in our amazing God, who continues to transform lives and bless us.

Yours in Christ

Rev Ruth Jackson

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